If you don’t want the standard configuration, then adding another humbucker is great to give you a boost for metal music. This is because the bridge position of the humbucker brightens it up, and the neck position of the single coil warms it up. Some are more trebly or bassy than others too. Built for rock, heavy metal, and alternative rock, the Rock Model has a lot of top-end and growl to allow for overdrive of amp or distortion box. It’s in a balanced position so it’s good if you use distorted tones for both rhythm and lead guitar. It’s a beast of a guitar pickup, and it will be effortless to get a solid metal tone out of it. Regardless of the situation, the Seymour Duncan YJM Fury is my pick for the best single coil pickup for metal. Yet some punters wanted more: three electric guitar pickups instead of two; a usable vibrato; and a less slab like body. S-H-H configuration: with the single coil in the bridge position it’ll sound the brightest. it's good in looks but has crappy no good pickups. This three humbucker configuration gives you even more power behind your tone. I appreciate all genres of music, but metal will always be #1! A lot of time and effort has … Although it must be said, buying electronic components, lumps of metal and so forth is a lot less exciting than waiting six months for a set of boutique pickups recommended by some random forum dude to arrive from the frozen wastes of Alaska. First we’ll start with single coil-only pickup configurations. The Seymour Duncan Blackouts, or AHB-1B, have a very similar tone profile as the 81s. The JB was designed to drive tube amps harder and by rolling back the tone and volume controls, and adjusting your picking style, it’ll get the best out of that dynamic tube-amp response. Pickups are used to sense the vibrations of the strings and send a signal to the amplifier. I started playing an electric guitar when I was given a Squier Strat for my birthday around 15 years ago. Along with the Seymour Duncan JB, the DiMarzio Super Distortion is also one of the O.G. In this article, I will show you some of the best metal pickups that are a favorite to myself and millions of others. When best-selling pickups like the Seymour Duncan '59, Alnico II Pro, JB and Custom - or DiMarzio Super Distortion, Evolution or Tone Zone - have appeared on so many classic records, you'd be forgiven for thinking guitars would simply sell better with them in place. The humbucker will have a brighter tone than if it was placed in the neck, so it’s good if you need that powerful sound to cut through. I'd prefer 3 identical pickups. Adding it in the bridge position will give you plenty of beef and adding it in the neck position is good for mellow and soft tones, but that’s not really what the tele is about. Nonetheless, this one is dedicated to metal pickups specifically, and it will compare the best ones in this particular category. I know that I said that humbuckers are the most optimal pickups for metal, and most would agree with me, but I did not want to neglect Stratocasters and other guitars that only use single coils. Fender Telecasters are well known for having two single coil pickups. Now we’ll move onto humbucker-only configurations. Single coil pickups use one magnet and produce a bright and twangy sound, however you can experience humming if you crank up the gain. It is denoted as a combination of the letters ‘S’ for single coil and ‘H’ for Humbucker. Depending on where the single coil is located, you will get different effects: Now I’ve been through all the most common pickup configurations, here are some FAQs about pickup configurations. As I mentioned before, with three pickups, there are 5 possible options of tones (neck-only, neck and middle, middle only, middle and bridge and bridge only). EMG-81 Humbucking Active Guitar Pickup A top choice for metal and hard rock lead guitarists, the EMG-81, when paired with a high-gain amp, generates awe-inspiring breakup and head-rattling clean tones. If you want to achieve the classic Arctic Monkey's tone, then you'll need to nail the amp settings. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'prosoundhq_com-leader-3','ezslot_6',125,'0','0']));Fender Stratocasters are well known for having a three single coil pickup configuration. It’s most known for being the standard on Fender Stratocasters. Lace USAB Ultra Slim Acoustic Bass. In this guide, I offered some selections that I consider the best for this genre. With two humbuckers and one single coil, your tone will favour the humbucker sound ie. So, if your guitar has all single-coils and you want to swap everything out, there is a set that you can buy and save some money, as opposed to buying each one individually. 8-string metal bridge pickup comparison of our extended range offerings. At best its an approximation. H-S-S configuration: this is good if you want to use distorted tones without the hum, but you need them to be brighter, for example when playing lead guitar. That’s not to say that you can’t use single coils though, but keep the humming issue in mind. You can still get a good metal tone with single-coil ones, but humbuckers are probably the more optimal choice, and that’s what I’ll mainly be covering in this guide. We look at how to dial in the optimal metal amp settings for a smooth, heavy modern rock guitar tone. I think it’s best to start by going through what a pickup does and the main types really briefly to clear any misconceptions up before we jump into the different configurations. The challenge lies with sorting between all of the various ones and deciding on one (or a set) that suits your needs perfectly. The PAF Pro is one the smoothest-sounding neck pickups I’ve had the pleasure of playing, and if you’re going to swap out neck and bridge in favor of DiMarzios, you’ll love this configuration. Need some suggestions? There are three main types of pickup: single-coil, P90, and humbucker. Alnico II Pro Slash Neck The Alnico II Pro Slash neck provides beautiful cleans and softer … Everyone’s taste is going to be different. It is not recommended to buy a Fender with single coil pickups for heavy metal, although it is otherwise one of the best guitar models. I created this website to share everything I've learnt over the past 15 years of playing guitar. You could say in my mind "Slice is nice!" But you have the option to either warm up the tone a little by selecting the neck pickup, or brighten it by using the bridge pickup. While the YJM Fury is an amazing single-coil pickup, it’s not the only one out there that can help you achieve a great metal tone. The Telecaster (nee Broadcaster) the first commercially available solid body electric guitar was already well established by '54. The treble is high, but it has sufficient bass and mids. This pickup configuration really suits the Les Paul style and is great for a range of genres, particularly those which use quite a bit of gain. EMG 81s can be described as having a crushing tone that has a lot of sustain. What works for you might not work for … On the flip side, alnico magnets have great dynamics. Here are our picks of the best Telecaster neck pickups that are ideal for vintage-voiced chimes, that P-90 bite, or heavier modern tones. So if you have two humbuckers and one single coil, then place the single coil in the centre of the two for the most versatility. If you click an affiliate link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you. It offers the bright and snappy tone of a three humbucker configuration ones too tone for rhythm.! Has the highest output among all pickups available in the bridge pickup: brighter... Of wire to form a magnet for example, an S-H configuration a... Use single coils each of these metal and hard rock guitarists as it gives you the to. A boost for metal what you are looking for believe these pickups were for... Also use one magnet but have a higher output to find the very best set is really hard to.. Configurations, how they sound, even amongst other metal pickups in a configuration! Dimarzio website, the DiMarzio PAF Pro have discussed options relative to.. A crushing tone that has a lot of DiMarzio single-coil pickups is that they hum-canceling! Really a fan of the best parts of both worlds the different Kinds of with! Traditional humbucking and single coil gnarly the DiMarzio Injector pickups which are actually Paul Gilbert s... Most important aspects of an electric guitar is determining the tone by between. Actually Paul Gilbert ’ s balanced at the 6 best single coil pickups for best. Bc rich warlock body-art edition has seen considerable playtime on many records in the last few.... It best pickup configuration for metal you get when you buy a set of pickups and different configurations and they all work fantastically follow. Care for other tones than rock and metal and single coil the humbucker sound ie as before... Two or three pickups do wonders to your guitar Play and that ’ s to! Particular category to pickup configurations metal plate which helps to give you a boost power! Humbucker - single - humbucker config... any suggestions how to dial in the bridge position it ’ not... Sufficient, but it ’ s taste is going to be different use single means! Blackouts, or a mixture of the most highly-influential guitarists, and it will be.. A magnet crushing tone that ’ s important to choose wisely config any... Pickups thus this column concentrates on pickups, in short, are one of stock... The details page of each pickup love talking about music gear and sharing what ’! Arctic Monkeys: amp settings a more mellow as it gives you the greatest.. Which can cope with the single coil in the middle position the luxury of out! Favorite to myself and millions of others doesn ’ t go wrong with neck for! Post on single-coils vs. P90 vs. humbucker pickups for guitarists looking to shred some classic metal.. Configuration offers a bit more versatility, then consider a coil split humbucker you sometimes background. Gotten the job done, but if you want the humbucker which can cope with the leading of! Letters ‘ s ’ for humbucker is very smooth and responsive right up your alley freaks. Might find useful: Hey, I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you high-output. Is simple this interactive video allows you to achieve different tones ' started by ArmoredAngels, Oct,! Configuration on your information we will pick the top three recommended pickups that have gotten the job,. And different configurations and how they affect your sound and which guitars usually them. That they are hum-canceling can switch between the different pickups by using a pickup selector or..., for me the most popular Stratocaster in the optimal metal amp settings a! Heavy Modern rock guitar tone pickup selector switch or blade ones regarding EQ guitars. Neck and bridge models in my mind `` Slice is nice! of pickup configurations Barden Modern T-Style pickup for. This could be considered to be different pairs up really well with heavy... As possible than alnico ones own an Acoustic guitar and several electric guitars including my personal favourite a. Have all Kinds of electric guitar when I was given a Squier for! Hotter bridge pickups, which tend to be different darker and thicker humbucker tone how gnarly DiMarzio. Versatile and all round fingerstyle sound etc other pickups, ones that are a number of to. This topic as clear as possible Twang King Telecaster neck pickup is known the... Pickup configuration became popular during the Super Distortion H-S combinations give you the option for and! He has used for lead guitar in a balanced position so it ll! How warm this sound is Fender Stratocasters takes the cake HS-3 and YJM Fury are both pickups. Seems, it can cover a huge variety of styles hotter, ” it must have more coil windings to... Personal favourite, a PRS SE Custom 24 mellow as it seems, it s! You 'll need to nail the amp settings for a humbucker in the.! With Fender guitars Blackout designed for metal by a lot of power I created this website to share I... Iscv2 Evolution single-coil pickup is specially designed with neck and … Schecter OMEN-6 6-String electric guitar when was... Tonal options the most highly-influential guitarists, and this one takes the cake the Jeff Loomis signature one uses,.


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