For example, the Teachers’ Academy Foundation offers a program called ‘5 Pebbles Social and Financial Leadership Education’, which is sponsored by Garanti BBVA. NCALL recently launched a new financial literacy program to educate and assist people in managing their finances and setting goals for the coming year. Medina is a social justice advocate who believes that education is the great equalizer and that strong financial literacy is the foundation upon which financial freedom can be built. Financial literary is an essential topic not often taught to individuals at an early age. Andre later came to appreciate the value of saving money and the flexibility it provides. 242 likes. In 2017 she was the recipient of the Anti-Defamation League’s Torch of Liberty Award in recognition of her work in the community to eradicate social injustice and provide greater educational opportunities for under-privileged youth. It can cause many people to become victims of predatory lending, make poor financial decisions, resulting in bad credit or having large amounts of debt. After a successful career in Corporate America, she launched her own company over 10 years ago. The financial choices you make today for yourself or your organization affect your future wealth. What is financial literacy all about, you may ask? List of Top 10 Best Financial Literacy Books. Organizations show their financial positions, financial performance and cash generation in the form of financial statements. This year Madrid has been chosen to host the global meeting, organized by the BBVA Center for Education and Financial Capabilities to be held on July 11 and 12. The goal of financial literacy is to build the knowledge and skills that are needed to understand basic financial concepts, recognize financial risks and instill the motivation and confidence to make sound decisions in a variety of situations. Financial Literacy for All Setting goals, budgeting, saving, spending, borrowing, using credit — these are just a few types of knowledge, skills and behaviors people need to manage their resources effectively. Medina was appointed to the State of Connecticut Department of Banking’s Securities Advisory Council. Financial literacy is important because it equips us with the knowledge and skills we need to manage money effectively. We cater to youth groups, schools, church groups and professional organizations. Financial Literacy for Adults admin 2019-03-12T15:31:00+00:00. Contact us at, E-mail Us at: Medina has served on the board of trustees of the Amistad Center for Art & Culture; the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art; and the Hartford Youth Scholars, an organization dedicated to changing the lives of Hartford students through education. In 2014 The Hartford Courant Business Section featured Medina on its center page for her having left the C-Suite to pursue her dream of owning her own business. BBVA completed its agenda of activities to commemorate “Financial Education Week”, held from October 7 to 11, taking part in the event `Financial Health in Spain : How to Improve It’, organized by Nantik Lum Foundation and JP Morgan. This month, the Credit Counselling Society is excited to host a variety of free workshops, webinars, and activities to help Canadians achieve financial well-being. Since 2004, we've helped students succeed through personalized financial education. It is safe to say that when people acquire financial literacy, it vastly improves their quality of life and the quality of life in society in general. Bud Kasper: All right. And what is financial literacy, anyway? The General Financial Literacy Course is for junior and senior students and is required for high school graduation. They also provide training sessions and mentorship programs for teachers, which cover financial skills, methods and tools. Indeed, financial literacy is something we all have to … Amy Rosen Contributor. Andre enjoys leading workshops of his peers and sharing his insights about credit, debt, budgeting and the benefits of long-term saving. Government agencies and NGOs also offer programs to raise awareness of financial literacy and build financial skills in children, youth and adults. Her career has been focused on providing legal, compliance and operational expertise to the financial services industry. In 2013 Medina was named a Wonder Woman by the Malta House of Care for her achievements both professionally and in the community. He is currently a student at Morehouse College. We offer financial literacy training for high school and college students and young adults. Younger generations need to understand basic financial principles and practices in order to make complex financial decisions on their own. I … Medina Jett is the Co-Founder and Chairman of Financial Literacy For All, Inc. Medina is an attorney as well as a business owner. Medina is a graduate of Hopkins School in New Haven, Wesleyan University, Georgetown University Law Center, and the University of Connecticut School of Business. If they were not properly introduced to financial concepts by their parents, it is easy for them to get confused.


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